Tuesday, January 31, 2012

wtf Disney?

A few days ago I decided to take a break from the trash TV I watch on a daily basis and put something on for Parker's entertainment. We had already watched every episode of Sesame Street (multiple times) that we saved on DVR, so I flipped on the Disney channel for him.

I was so surprised from the image that was on the TV. I couldn't figure out what the characters were supposed to be. I took a picture so I could share my confusion.

Was Disney trying to inform children of the normal range of variation in bowel movements (including variations in size, color, consistency, and fiber bulk)? It even appears that the fat, brown poop all the way on the right has specks of residual, undigested salad coming out of his head.

Pardon the pun, but holy shit!

I was totally hooked.

We continued to watch these happy poops ride the train, while the small but lovable conductor poop dictated where they were destined to go.

After watching for a while, I realized (much to my disappointment), those are not, in fact, turds riding happily on a train...as had initially crossed my mind.

They are actually "small potatoes," as the title of the show informed me.


  1. I HATE that show!!! British speaking potatoes?!?!?!?! It makes NO sense to me at all! The only show I hate worse than that is 3rd and Bird.

    1. It really is AWFUL! I have not been introduced to 3rd and Bird yet...you have me intrigued.

  2. Hahaha I've never seen this show before. I might have DVR it. BTW thanks for letting me know that my lady bits went back to normal after having B lol.

    1. DVR it...but only do it once. It's terrible! And no problem on the vagina issue, EVERYONE has that concern after their baby decides he needs more room to get out of that hole