Thursday, January 12, 2012

food failure #1,021

I know several moms who make their own baby food. I hate them all (jk...really I'm just jealous at their successes in an area that I have so miserably failed in). I pretend like I don't care that I buy baby food and that I actually prefer Gerber to wholesome, home made food. This is not the truth though. That would be like saying that you preferred to use formula over breastmilk, or that you preferred to have a c-section (ok maybe some do...and that's alright). Sometimes preference isn't priority...and I'm guilty of 2 of these 3 things.

Sidenote: why are we constantly judged for "decisions" like these? You can't really help having a c-section. Sometimes nursing just doesn't work out. And some of us can barely prepare meals for ourselves, let alone for babies. I think people should just stick to judging their own self. Things like these do not determine if you are a good mom or not.

So one day I had a rare moment of motivation, and decided to make pureed carrots for Parker. He loved Gerber carrots (loved. He won't eat any type of vegetable anymore. You're judging me for indulging him in too many fruits. Stop it! We just talked about that.) so I figured he would love the real deal even more.

I was doomed from the start. All I had were baby cut carrots, so I boiled them whole (I probably should have cut them up). They were really soft when I took them out so they seemed to be done. I put them in a blender and pushed "puree." Even after adding some water I couldn't get the carrots anywhere near the consistency of Gerber. It was pureed enough not to be hazardous though, so I added some cinnamon and decided to try it out on Parker.

I was really excited when he woke up from his nap so I could feed him. He gagged on the carrots. I think it was just too much thicker than what he is used to. The only food he had a worse reaction to was smashed avocado...where he gagged and actually vomited it back up.

I think I'll stick with Gerber (fruits, of course).

Let's tally up my food failures:
1. Breastfed exclusively for 2 months and pumped until 5 months. Then went strictly to formula...6 months earlier than planned. I'm sorry for the IQ points I cheated Parker out of.
2. Introduced solids at 4 months. Parker was not even close to ready then.
3. When Parker was ready at 6 months, I was REALLY behind the game as far as a food schedule goes. See hunger games.
4. Managed to get Parker addicted to sweet foods. I am guilty of sprinkling sugar (not like a little a lot of sugar) on his rice cereal (God that feels good to get off my chest).


  1. Meh, I think he'll still turn out fine ;) I mean, we were probably fed way worse than that!

    I get what you're saying about the judging. Moms seem to be one of the most judgmental groups of people out there, and that's one thing that really scares me about becoming a mom someday. I hate having people judge me, and I REALLY hate being judgmental (ohhh the guilt)...what happens if I TURN INTO ONE OF THOSE WOMEN?! Shouldn't we all stand together as women and support each other?!

    I'm not a mom, so I can't really talk (yet), but I feel like you just have to make decisions based on your own instincts. That and convenience because let's face it, that's just life :)

  2. LOL. Laura you're funny. Too be really doesn't matter how good they eat when they are this small...once he starts eating more and more he will start turning down more and more and refusing all sorts of things he once liked, or anything new for no reason at all. I have no idea why toddlers get picky with food, it just happens. I always thought other parents were just not giving their children a good variety of food and thats why they become picky...WRONG...and there I was judging people(including my own brothers and their wives). Brian and I have a nice variety of foods we eat and Logan is still picky. So, when you start to really feel bad is when your child can request, by name, specifically mcdonalds chicken nuggets...

    1. Julia: you will not turn into one of those just don't have it in you! You are right about trusting yourself, since you are the one who knows your baby the best (besides the baby daddy)

      Dianna: so funny about the chicken nuggets! I'm sure I'll probably be begging Parker to eat anything when he gets older, since he is just so picky now already :)