Wednesday, January 11, 2012

food mix up

This is not a breast milk/real milk mix up...which would probably be funnier, but this is kind of amusing. (Tim one time did take a big bite of rice cereal that was mixed with breast milk, not water like he thought. I think he secretly was curious about what it tasted like and pretended he didn't know it was breast milk.)

These two things happened on the same day, within an hour of each other.

First, I'm playing a game with Parker which is a combo of hide and seek and peekaboo (I was gonna call this game "hide and peek" but, well, you can figure out why I didn't. Don't want child services called for me playing hide and peek with my son). He gets behind the side of the couch and I slowly crawl around the couch to catch him on the other side so I can shout PEEKABOO and get him to laugh.

This time I wasn't fast enough, because by the time my not-so-spry knees carried my body to the other side, Parker was holding the cat food bowl, and eating from it (of course). 
I like how the only way my cat is interested in his own food is when someone else is infringing on it.

 The pink mushy stuff around his mouth is cat food:

(Side note: did anyone notice that the fridge is open in this picture? It's because Parker is OBSESSED with the refrigerator...and since it's harder to pull him away from it than to parent him properly, I just let him play in it. I stopped letting him do this unsupervised after he started pulling the wine bottles out of the bottom shelf of the door.)

The second thing that happened occurred after I fed Parker his dinner, which was Gerber vegetable beef. Parker is not a big fan of this one (to be fair, it is really disgusting), but sometimes I can trick him into eating it if I start with something he likes that is the same color...such as sweet potatoes or carrots. So I do the switch and this time it just doesn't work well. There was a bunch of the baby food left in his bowl.

A little bit later, Tim and I were cleaning up and doing the dishes. I grabbed the bowl with the vegetable beef in it, but almost all of it was gone. I showed Tim the bowl, expecting him to make some comment about how he hates the cats and that this is why they are constantly throwing up all over the place.

Tim with genuine look of puzzlement: "It evaporated?"

Really, Tim? If food just evaporated off dishes I wouldn't spend half my life rinsing them, loading them, and unloading the dishwasher.

So it takes all of half a second of my "Are you f-ing kidding me?" look to get him to realize how ridiculous he is, and he makes the cat connection.

Maybe the cats and Parker should just eat each other's food for a while.


  1. LOL. What kid hasn't eaten the pet's food before? Eh, extra protein is a good thing, I say. :-)

    1. I agree! I got a criticism from someone I don't know about the fact that I took the picture before I pulled him away from the cat food.'s cat food, not cyanide. I focus my real efforts on keeping him out of the litter box :)