Monday, January 2, 2012

don't wipe that...I'm eating it!

This year was our first new year as a married couple. Tim bought us lamb chops to grill and we were planning on having a nice dinner and stay home (obviously) since we have no baby sitter and no family here in St. Louis. Tim decided to take a nap with Parker around 4 in the afternoon. At 5:30 I woke him up to help me get Parker ready for bed. He went back to sleep when Parker went down at 6. At 7 I was absolutely starving, so I woke him up again. "Just 5 more minutes...I don't know why I'm so tired."

Ya at this point I knew how my New Year's Eve was going to end up. I ate some grocery store quality sushi, didn't drink a single drop of alcohol, and went to bed at 9. Here's the sad thing...I wasn't even mad at Tim because I figured he would be so well rested that he could get up with Parker when he woke up in the morning.

And did Tim get up with Parker?

YES...yes he did! It was so glorious.

So meanwhile, Parker was sick on New Year's Eve and had his first real fever (102). All he had was a runny nose. For the past couple days I have been chasing Parker around trying to wipe the gunk off his face (he actually smears snot EVERYWHERE because it annoys him when it's dripping down and he takes the back of his hand and just rubs his nose really hard, getting snot on his cheeks, eyes, and forehead). Parker, however, feels he is doing a perfectly good job taking care of the snot himself: i.e sucking whatever he didn't smear on his face into his mouth. Oh well. I give up!

At least today we switched from runny nose to stuffy, congested, green boogers. A delicacy. This sucks even more because Parker can't breathe when he drinks his bottle, so he gets totally frustrated and freaks out while trying to drink. I refuse to use saline drops...I've heard from multiple mothers it's just not worth the trouble. I think we will just ride it out. If anyone has actually had success using these drops I'd love to hear!

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