Saturday, January 14, 2012

follow up to food mix up

This might be why Parker is constantly eating cat food (forgive the poor quality of the picture):

One of these is a sweet potato flavored Gerber puff, and one is a piece of cat food. Can you tell which is which?  I actually pulled this particular piece of cat food out of Parker's mouth today. Not that I care if he actually ate it, but I figured it was a little too crunchy for him to be trying to eat.


  1. Ohhh he is going to have sooo many cat food stories told to him when he's a big boy. It's going to be great fodder for a rehearsal dinner speech ;)

    1. so true! umm...I hope you don't mean for a wedding, because I will never let him get married!

    2. It's okay, he's marrying Keira! Or even better, if I have a girl someday! Then we'll be sisters, or something...