Friday, December 16, 2011

my son has learned the wtf face

Parker had two teeth erupt a week or 2 ago (yes I've already forgotten this milestone) and I wouldn't say he is more interested in chewing on things as much as now it has actual consequences. For example, I think Parker has chewed on bottle nipples for a long time now, but since the teeth came in he is close to gnawing holes in them. At first I thought, well I'll just buy more nipples. Then a thought occurred to me...why not try to wean the bottle and switch to a sippy cup?

In my mind this was the PERFECT solution. Get Parker on the sippy cup early so he isn't all defiant at 12 months and demanding the ba ba (or as my brother used to howl "I want my badoooooooo").

Here is my thought bubble prior to buying the cup: I buy the perfect size, unbreakable, leak proof, crack laced spouted sippy cup and Parker is unable to resist it's awesomeness. Parker eagerly takes the sippy cup from me and, without any hesitation, holds the handles himself (gasp!) and leisurely drinks his formula with no leaks. He refuses the bottle from now on.

So here is what actually happened: I open the cup, read the instructions, and activate my sippy cup by making sure I "squeeze the valves." I already know this is going to be a disaster. It's a cup, not a f-ing car engine (those have valves, right?). Then I fill the cup with formula and hand it over to my dying-of-starvation infant. He manages to get it in his mouth and then, here it is, the "WTF is this crap" face. This lasted all of 5 seconds before major meltdown ensued.

The lesson here: I should have just bought more nipples.

And I need advice on how to wean from the bottle to the sippy cup...any would be appreciated!


  1. Just keep giving him the sippy cup to let him play with it and eventually he will like it.... You could even put water and juice in it every now and then so he is more interested in it...just a thought. Good luck!

  2. I'm definitely going to try this...thanks Dianna!