Friday, December 23, 2011

eye of the tiger balm

Today Parker was being really good. He slept pretty well last night and I attribute his good mood to being well rested. He had just finished pulling everything out of a basket on the coffee table and putting it on the ground, and he was now playing in Fort Parker (underneath the coffee table, where he likes to play with his toys). I sat down on the couch to eat a sloppy joe...the first thing I ate all day (at 2 pm, and come to think of it the only thing I ate all in I just kept eating them for lunch, snack, and dinner). Then Parker started to cry. I thought he must have bumped his head while moving about in his fort, but when I pulled him out from under it I realized that he found a tin of tiger balm and managed to get it open, scoop it out with his fingers, and get it to his mouth and face.

In case you don't know what tiger balm is, it is basically the Chinese version of Icy Hot. And like most things designed by Asians, it is better and more potent than it's American counterpart.

So I scoop Parker up and do what I always do when I don't know what exactly to do...I wake up my husband. Was I genuinely concerned about my son consuming tiger balm? Mostly yes. Did I think it was going to really hurt him? No. Did I want my husband out of bed after he slept 15 hours straight (ok to be fair he works nights, but he was off the previous one)? Bingo.

Is it so wrong that I wanted him up for moral support with my adorable but crazy son so I grabbed hold of the first semi-legitimate reason to wake him up? Maybe. But, in my own defense, I just wanted him to hang out with me before he had to go to work. He works a lot and works very hard, so I often miss him. I felt like he got enough rest and it was okay at that point to get him out of bed :)

We ended up giving Parker a bottle to wash the tiger balm down and giving him a bath to try to get it off his face and hands. All was well afterward and Parker's mouth didn't appear ulcerated or anything.

I can't be the only wife who sometimes looks for reasons to wake her husband!

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