Wednesday, December 21, 2011

my son and God have ESP

I borderline almost believe this is true. I would like to provide some examples:
1. At night, God tells Parker when I have just entered the stage where I am committed to transitioning to sleep. Right at that moment, God whispers "...NOW!" in Parker's head, and Parker (who is obviously in on the prank...I mean no one is going to argue with the big man) starts to wail. Then, when God is in a particularly gregarious mood, he will wait until I get back in bed after I've soothed Parker and then he will repeat the cycle.
2. God also tells Parker exactly when we are 5 minutes from leaving the house. I'm pretty sure this is ubiquitous among God and infants, not just with Parker.
3. Parker is an angel in church. This is crazy to me. We live less than a block from the St. Louis Cathedral now, and today we decided to go inside to check it out. Parker had been super fussy while we were out and about prior to going in the cathedral since he missed his nap. He turned into Mr. Perfect the instant we were inside.

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