Monday, February 20, 2012

"I hate you mama!! But don't put me down."

"I hate you mama!! But don't put me down." I feel like Parker is thinking this a lot lately.

Parker is 9 months old now, and I suppose this is about the time when babies start to recognize things as familiar and unfamiliar. The cruel irony of separation anxiety is that it coincides with increasing testing of independence in terms of developmental timing. So, for example, Parker will test his independence by crawling away from me and into another room, but then he will cry like a crazy man when he realizes he is alone. He doesn't always figure out how to crawl back to me, so I have to go retrieve him from whatever bedroom closet he ventured into. He is always there, crying with fear, until he sees me and smiles.

Things that are familiar to Parker (and by familiar, I mean 'source of comfort'):
-First and foremost, the cats
-Me (with glasses on)
-the cats
-our apartment
-Sesame Street...ok let's be honest, all daytime TV
-Making monster noises, screeching, and doing all things boy
-Did I mention the cats?

Things that are unfamiliar to Parker:
-Me with contacts in
-Me dressed in anything other than pajamas
-Tim dressed in anything besides work clothes
-any place other than our apartment, Target, or the grocery store
-Sippy cups
-Cuddling with me, except for when sleepiness lends itself to accidental snuggle episdoes

Separation anxiety hasn't been all bad. It's been good for my left biceps. It's been a good test of my patience. It makes me feel like Parker thinks I'm the most awesome person in the world.

The problem is that it is SO annoying sometimes. I posted this video on facebook, but not everyone who reads this blog is fb friends with me, and so I am reposting it here:

People tell me all the time, "You'll miss this." And you know what, I will. But only after the passage of time has bestowed rose colored glasses on my it has for all parents who tell me to enjoy every moment. I am enjoying it. I'm sure I'll enjoy it more when I no longer have it.

The grass is always greener, and all that.


  1. This, too, shall pass. Saying you'll miss it probably isn't very good advice...that's no help now! I wish I had some better advice...maybe focus more on how amazing he thinks you are?

    Also, I just wanted to say that I look COMPLETELY different with my glasses and contacts too, apparently. I've had patients tell me I have a "Clark Kent/Superman effect."

    And I think you need to have that first picture of Parker framed. The lighting is perfect.

    1. haha your clark kent/superman effect is much better than mine, which is looks like ass/looks ok :)

  2. My daughter did that from the very minute she was born until the day she turned 8 months old. If I wasn't holding her, she was crying/screaming. It didn't matter if Daddy, Grandma, or Nana was holding her and I was holding her hands. Everyone would say "she'll stop screaming if you aren't in the room" ~ so not the case!! At 6, she's still very 'clingy' but at least I don't have to hold her anymore every second. Although I do miss holding her.

    1. Oh man it sounds like your daughter had even more clingy-ness than my son! If you miss holding her, maybe it's time for another baby?? :)